We’ve Done It Boys And Girls!

Did I post about my actual portfolio submission yet? No I did not! So here it is, a whole day late.

Yesterday was the deadline for my first portfolio submission on my Data Science apprenticeship and I’m glad to say that I got everything submitted the night before, so I had the whole morning to panic and change things.

I didn’t panic, although I was anxious, and I also did make a few changes.

I had an essay that I’d glanced at the front page of and worried about, but then read properly all the way through and realised I could make it better with six additional words, so those all went in at 8:02am, around 4 hours before deadline.

I also had a computational assignment that I was really pleased with, but then took another look at with a critical eye at around 11:20am and realised, hey, I should label the axes on my charts! So that got fixed and submitted at 11:40am, 20 minutes before the final deadline.

And that was it. I got my digital receipts confirming everything had gone live and relaxed.

We did it boys and girls, the first portfolio is DONE.

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