Second Chance At Higher Learning

Yesterday was the first meeting between myself, the university and my workplace, to assess how the apprenticeship is going and plan actions going forwards.

I was quite anxious about it, for one because I hadn’t been documenting the study leave I’d taken as part of the apprenticeship and rushed to get it all down the evening before. Two, I didn’t have enough hours of study leave and had made emergency plans to bulk it up over the next few months, it would still look bad now though. And three, I was worried about my performance academically, even though during the weeks with other students they have indicated being around the same level as myself on a lot of things.

The meeting actually turned out really well! I was right that I needed to document better and that was something I agreed with myself before going into it, but it seems that academically, I am doing better than I thought!

This is only the latest sign that I’ve been underestimating myself. Finishing off the reports and completing the portfolio before that were other signs, but getting direct feedback was a big deal for me.

I’ve had my share of crappy teachers, and my entire school experience sucked really. I had one good year of education and that was community college to take the GCSEs I had originally missed by dropping out of school. I should have gone back there for my A levels really, but never mind, I’m where I am now and not only do I have a second chance at higher education, I am actually doing well in it!

Now I have two weeks of study leave, one for solo study and one with my uni professors. I’m going to work on my programming portfolio and brush up on maths because it’s still super hard, but I can finally see that I am making progress and it’s a great feeling.

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