A Level Maths, Properly

So one of the things that I am now sure causes me a lot of trouble in maths are the missing foundational understanding I have in it.

I’ve been fighting against it for a long time, because I can manage some of the advanced stuff with little problem, but that is only getting me so far.

So I’m taking the A-level online textbooks we’ve been given access to and studying some of the foundational stuff at the same time as the high level stuff. There’s just no other way around it.

I probably was taught at least some of this in school, but in 2020 I have either learned or been reminded of the law of indices, fraction multiplication and division, rationalising denominators, the list goes on.

It’s hard to admit not knowing offhand how to do those things, not even recalling if you were ever exposed to them before, but here I am. A guy who has been doing complicated Excel formulas for years and struggling with fractions!

Struggling doesn’t mean failing of course, and I am pushing myself enough in some areas that I can succeed, I just want to struggle with the high level stuff only, not also the low level.

Maybe I should get a revision textbook? We shall see.

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