Progress in Data Science degree

As the end of my first year on the Data Science degree apprenticeship approaches, I’m realising how far I have come.

I mean, before I started this degree, I thought that machine learning was like a really smart macro recorder!

This week I’ve had some time with my tutors and they’ve been giving us quizzes that I am more than passing. 100% is not yet in reach, but I’m getting good results on my first try and the intuition is guiding me amazingly well when I don’t ‘know’ the right answer.

Today on a maths-type multiple choice quiz, I managed to get all but 1 question correct, and that 1 I was running out of time and mentally tossed a coin between 2 choices. The right answer was the choice I didn’t go for, but I’m still pleased I saw it could be the right answer.

I’ve got my maths revision guide, and that has been my main weak point throughout this degree. I’ll carry on working through it and see how that progresses, but I have a feeling that I’ll be picking up revision guides for linear algebra and probability and statistics too before long!

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