It’s Dangerous To Go (Into Maths) Alone! Take This (Tutor)

That’s a reference from the first Legend of Zelda video game, for you non-gamers out there.

This morning I woke up early and finally took the step I’ve needed to take for a while; hiring a maths tutor.

I’ve been scraping by in the Data Science degree, but there are some particular areas that I’m not going to succeed in unless I step up my game.

I’ve been hesitant before for a number of reasons, I was uncertain if someone else could really help, stubborn about trying to help myself by searching for videos and crash-course type things, and worried about the money. But after selling the house I had been letting out and clearing my debts, I have some money to invest in myself and it would be wrong not to.

Today I had my first session with a tutor and although there was some stumbling around getting across what I need help with, we did get to a point where we were able to get started today.

During the session, I was able to make mistakes, get confused and ask questions, it was great. Working in groups has been difficult for me when things get challenging, working alone with a tutor to hand was ideal.

It was a really good session today, I’ve booked another in for Wednesday and we’re going to figure out a schedule going ahead from now. I’m expecting to do at least 2 sessions a week, most likely 3 though, and I am really starting to build confidence in my potential here.

Maybe all this learning growth will also translate into emotional growth? I am learning to ask for help more and overcome my fears after all!

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