Can I Get Enough Of Studying?

Last week was my latest contact week with the university, where we spend 3 hour sessions with the tutors going through tasks they’ve set out and asking questions.

The week before that I took off as study time to work on my programming portfolio.

This week, I went tutor hunting and have booked myself tutoring sessions for yesterday, today, tomorrow and Thursday.

Can I get enough of studying?

The answer looks like no, right now at least.

I really do enjoy learning, and having opportunities to learn in different ways is certainly incredibly appealing to me.

In my tutor sessions so far, I’ve gone over a refresher on factorisation, solving quadratics, and series and sequences. It’s all been much needed and now I can even write my own problems to solve, which I feel like will help keep me really sharp.

But I have big aspirations, so for my next sessions, this week, I want to look at the areas of trouble I’ve had with Linear Algebra and Stats & Probability.

My thinking is, if I can get myself to a level of rudimentary understanding, so that I can set myself problems and be confident of the solutions, I’ll be most of the way to being ready for the upcoming exams.

I do hope to highlight some more gaps to plug in the upcoming days, and I’m looking forward to it too.

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