Today I Got A 94

Today I was informed that the preliminary result was in for my programming portfolio, worth 80% of the final grade for the programming module of my Data Science Apprenticeship. Going into the system to check the result and feedback had my anxiety way up, I was sure I’d done at least as well as the other Read More

I Only Wish I Had More Time To Study!

I’m enjoying studying again and I am even enjoying studying maths. I wrote the other day about how I used to be good at maths, but had fallen behind and given up in my school days, then labelled myself as ‘bad at maths’ thereon. But being ‘bad at maths’ for me mainly meant, “I can’t be Read More

Surely If I Just Try Hard Enough I Should Always Be Able To Succeed, Shouldn’t I?

In my downtime I’ve been browsing through some books about emotional self-care. One of them is Self Compassion by Kristin Neff, and there was a sentence that really resonated with me in an early chapter. “Surely if I just try hard enough I should always be able to succeed, shouldn’t I?” For me, this sentence conjures Read More

Provisional Grades Are In: Passing So Far!

Provisional grades from my Data Science apprenticeship so far show that I am not only passing, but passing with a high mark on some of my submissions! The most recent of these, a portfolio combining learning, professional writing, reflection and programming, is something I am especially proud of. I can’t help but look back to the Read More