Provisional Grades Are In: Passing So Far!

Provisional grades from my Data Science apprenticeship so far show that I am not only passing, but passing with a high mark on some of my submissions!

The most recent of these, a portfolio combining learning, professional writing, reflection and programming, is something I am especially proud of.

I can’t help but look back to the time not long ago when I was feeling weak and vulnerable and completely unsure whether I could carry on. I had lost so much confidence and belief in myself. Then just yesterday, my portfolio of work that I laboured over, incorporating all the previous feedback that I could, got me not just a passing mark, but a high passing mark indicative of professional understanding and application, just below the level of expert!

Being at the top wasn’t my goal, and I won’t beat myself up if I can’t secure the top mark range, but it’s nice to be ahead by a good margin that protects me if something else doesn’t get marked as highly. My statistics paper for example was a pass, but not a very high one.

I still have the exams to go in maths heavy modules, and am preparing as much as my brain will allow before then. In the mean time, it’s nice to get these reassurances that all this work and effort is paying off, just need to make sure I give myself some breaks as well as I’m not as great at maths as I used to be yet and I don’t want to overwhelm my brain!

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