Today I Got A 94

Today I was informed that the preliminary result was in for my programming portfolio, worth 80% of the final grade for the programming module of my Data Science Apprenticeship.

Going into the system to check the result and feedback had my anxiety way up, I was sure I’d done at least as well as the other portfolio, but you can never be certain of these things.

So you can imagine the mixture of shock, awe, relief and excitement I felt when I opened up the PDF to find a mark of 94 out of 100!

What a turn out, I had not been expecting it to be that high, but after reading through the feedback and the marking scheme, I should have had more faith in myself.

All the marks I didn’t get were completely fair and I’ve noted them down as ‘gotchas’ to watch out for in the future. Everything else, I did what I was supposed to do in the right way.

It’s a great feeling, and goes to show that all this time developing my skills in things like Excel and VBA, as well as dipping into programming and coding in general, has really paid off.

I was concerned that being self-taught in a lot of things might hamper me, but it looks like I developed more than enough good habits to keep myself in check here.

There’s still a long road ahead, and exams are coming up soon, but they’re slowly losing their ominous shadow and with things like this, I can even see some light breaking through.

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