Lazy Analysis From Google Analytics

It seems that the more I learn about my role, the more keywords I gain and start searching for. I then stumble across more keywords and eventually find myself falling down the rabbit hole, wondering where it will end, much like Alice in Wonderland.

Just Grab All The Data

One of the things I’ve been worrying about recently is how I am going to pull data from web sites to compare against each other. I know there are web scraping tools that can be built or tailored from examples online, the more prevalent of those being in VBA and Python, but that’s a whole lot Read More

Next Level Productivity Tools In Analysis!

Early on in this blog I was talking about tools that would help accelerate productivity. Some I continue to feel a lot of benefit from using, such as XYplorer, while some I just couldn’t fit into my own workflow easily and stopped using, such as PhraseExpress. Since then I have also gone on to review and use Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): Third Week Rundown

  Another week has gone and I’m still using most of the tools I started off with, excluding QTTabBar which I replaced with a full windows explorer replacement, XYplorer. XYplorer XYplorer has been very useful in my day to day work, and I am getting accustomed to the different interface for accessing and navigating the folders Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): Second Week Rundown

  A little under two weeks ago, I started using some new tools to try and make my work flow smoother and hence more productive. I had felt like the standard tools we use in Windows were limiting my productivity potential, and I reviewed how things were going after using them for a week. Now that Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): First Week Rundown

It has been a week since my first post on here, so I thought I would do a summary of how things have progressed, in order of how much I liked/used the tools. Desktops V2.0 This has been the most used tool this week by far. I have no idea how many times I’ve used the Read More

Managing Tasks And Projects With Trello

6 months ago I started using Trello because I suddenly had a lot more work than I could comfortably handle without some structured planning and tracking of my tasks. I started off simply with a few lists to show different stages of progress for my tasks, such as to do, doing and done, as well as Read More

Better Ways Of Managing Folders (for Windows)

After trying out and getting a lot of use out of QTTabBar in Windows Explorer, I find myself wanting other features to make my work life easier, features that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to implement. After a little bit of online research, it’s clear there are a lot of options for extending the Read More