Organising Bookmarks More Usefully

One of the troubles with attempting to be a self-driven learner is that organising everything is up to you. Being in control of how and when learning happens is great, but being told what to learn and when and being directed to the material simplifies so much! So this is what I’m lamenting after my contact Read More

How To Be Super Productive

Sometimes when I talk about productivity, it sounds like I live and breathe to simply be productive. The header image would certainly support that and it is an example of a productive day for me. However, whilst I do love being productive, I also love being lazy. This is no exaggeration and I have the proof. Read More

How To Manage With Random Tasks Every Week

One of the tools that I found especially useful in my last job was Process Street. It’s great for recurring tasks, but not so much for ad hoc stuff. I didn’t really do enough ad hoc stuff to need a tool that excelled in that area. I think that the routine made me a little complacent. Read More

Knime For Data Blending And Analytics

I’ve mentioned before about learning to use Alteryx, and even trying out for the certification in it, as it’s quite a well known platform in the Data Analyst/Scientist community. The features it has and the speed with which it executes them is astounding to someone like me coming from an Excel background, where even a fraction Read More

Is Evernote The Holy Grail?

When I was searching for a task management solution over a year ago, I read a lot of different advice from various different sources before finally settling on Trello. I’d read about and tried Bullet Journaling, I’d used Toggl a little to track my projects, but at the time, Trello was simple enough and powerful enough Read More

Plan: A Task Management Alternative To Trello

I’ve been a big fan of Trello for a long time, singing its praises to my friends and colleagues and writing about it on a couple of occasions. It does have some shortcomings, but I’ve mostly found ways around these, such as Butler for automation and Planyway for calendar scheduling. While happy with the results I’ve Read More

What To Do About Your Passwords

For the past few years, every big website seems to have been victim to some pretty significant security breaches, losing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of user logins, passwords and other stored user data. Alone some of those websites being breached might not have posed much threat to our own personal security, Read More

How (And Why) To Stop Wasting Time Looking For Files On Your Computer

Here’s a tip that has proven more useful than having a tabbed file explorer like XYplorer or even nifty customisable shortcut buttons in that explorer. Create shortcut links for all your frequently visited folders and put them in your own favourites or special folder, then put links to THAT folder everywhere. If your work is spread Read More

The End Of PhraseExpress

No, I am not announcing the company has gone down the tubes, I am simply announcing that I have come to the end of my using PhraseExpress at home and at work. The last few weeks I’ve found myself using the text-expansion less and less, and the suggestions that came up becoming more intrusive than useful. Read More