Hello Trello My Old Friend

So a long time ago now, I discovered Trello and became very friendly with it. At the time I was overloaded and disorganised and something had to be done. Trello’s simple card system is like digital Post-Its on a board, and is a great start. However, I didn’t find that it suited routines particularly well. There Read More

The Flexible Plan Is The Best Plan

Yesterday I was a little concerned about my new study plan. I felt like I was falling short. This morning I made up some of the time I had missed on my plan. It didn’t take long to plug the gap and I was actually more eager to study because I wanted to prove to myself Read More

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (And It’s All Small Stuff)

Yes, this post title has been directly pinched from the title (and subtitle) of a very famous book; Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. If you don’t have this book, you should make a point to pick it up. If you do have this book, I encourage you to read it or re-read it.

Always Be Prepared To Create A Routine

It doesn’t take long when looking at productivity advice to come across an article or tip on how adding routine to your day can make a big difference. Follow the same process before you go to bed, or when you get up in the morning. Set up a standard operating procedure at work to ensure consistency Read More

The Paradox Of Automation

Followers of this blog will probably recall how big a fan I am of automating work. VBA is most often my tool of choice, and I would use it to fetch various files, dump them into templates, copy the converted outputs and post them into a central file to then automatically output reports from that can Read More

Inbox Zero Trial: What’s Going On?

I’ve written about this quite a bit lately, but it’s one of the main ways I am trying to work better at the moment. I stumbled across the 43 folders website in my search for a solution to maintaining Inbox Zero but I didn’t watch the videos or read the articles; seeing Inbox Zero guides on Read More