Timeular First Impressions

You may remember this Kickstarter from a couple years ago: I wanted one for myself for a long time, but sometimes I forgot and sometimes I felt that the price was too steep. I’ve changed my mind about the expense as I’ve been getting frustrated with just HOW MUCH MAINTENANCE regular time-tracking requires. Also I came Read More

The Paradox Of Automation

Followers of this blog will probably recall how big a fan I am of automating work. VBA is most often my tool of choice, and I would use it to fetch various files, dump them into templates, copy the converted outputs and post them into a central file to then automatically output reports from that can Read More

Coursera Specialization Experiment: Results

Mission complete and a success! Make no mistake, the exams are far from easy, I have spent many hours over the last few days downloading Excel workbooks, following the assessment instructions and answering questions. And I didn’t always get them right the first time, or even the second time!

Excel Power Tools Are Easy?!

Although I think of myself as an Excel expert and there are very many things I can do easily that the average Excel user is dumbfounded by, there are also things Excel can do that I don’t really understand and am still intimidated by. An example of this are the Power tools than Excel provides, PowerPivot, Read More

How (And Why!) To Connect Excel To Google Sheets

The other day I mentioned about trying to find a solution to connect Google Analytics with Microsoft Excel. As a solution, Supermetrics seems to be more up to date with the current versions of Windows and Office, as the BlockSpring installation couldn’t detect my Excel installation even after instructing me to close my open instance of Read More

Lazy Analysis From Google Analytics

It seems that the more I learn about my role, the more keywords I gain and start searching for. I then stumble across more keywords and eventually find myself falling down the rabbit hole, wondering where it will end, much like Alice in Wonderland.

Not Going Bananas For Another Week

Machine Learn/Scraping My experiment with machine learning yesterday didn’t work out quite as I hoped, I found a lot more questions than I found answers, although I didn’t really find any answers. I think it’s something that you can’t just dip into and find what you’re after, you need to learn about things first to know Read More

Machine Learning as a Service

Today and yesterday, I spent hours and hours doing repetitive work between my browser and Excel. I had a list of terms to search for and had to copy down the results I found back into the spreadsheet, with links. It was so long, I had to just stop sometimes to prevent myself going mad! The Read More

I Don’t Have Any Time For …

I haven’t written on here for a few days, including the weekend, and the age old excuse popped into my mind when I was thinking about it, I don’t seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do. We’ve all said it at some time, and meant it many of those times, but Read More

Knime For Data Blending And Analytics

I’ve mentioned before about learning to use Alteryx, and even trying out for the certification in it, as it’s quite a well known platform in the Data Analyst/Scientist community. The features it has and the speed with which it executes them is astounding to someone like me coming from an Excel background, where even a fraction Read More