Rediscovering My Voice

Yesterday was my first post in over a month and I spoke about a few different things that had been bubbling up inside of me during that break. From the beginning, I wanted this blog to be improving our working and personal lives, and the points I touched on yesterday do link into that, but are Read More

Escape The Rat Race Using Cashflow

I’ve written before about this great book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, but forgot to mention one of the tools I discovered from this book that has really helped me understand how we should be using money to gain financial independence. This is of course the board game, Cashflow, which you can purchase physically from many online Read More

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, Over, And Over, And Over

If you’ve read my older posts, you may have come across my recommending the book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. I’m going to recommend it again simply because it’s something that is coming up a lot in my life lately. I mentioned in a prior post about going for the PRINCE2 qualifications and then Read More

How To Be A Better Writer?

Recently I’ve read some articles and blog posts about writing, and more often than not they recommend structure, planning, plotting etc. to really be an effective writer. When reading something like this, it’s not hard to feel somewhat deficient in my style of writing, where I just take an idea and write out what I think Read More

Every Day I Ignore My Blogging Prompt

I started using Habitbull a while ago to try and keep myself on track with blogging. It seemed to work for a while, with me responding to the notification and updating where I had got to with blogging. Then I stopped updating it daily and started updating it weekly. Then I stopped updating it weekly and Read More

Do Performance Incentives Kill Motivation?

I’ve been reading articles and business studies about how rewards in the workplace do little more than motivate people to pursue the rewards. As a stand alone sentence, this sounds ideal, but when you dig a little deeper, all is not as rosy as it seems. When we introduce an incentive into someone’s role, we place Read More

Books For Personal Growth: Smartcuts

I’ve just finished reading this book, Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking, and wanted to write about some of the ideas in the book. Before I begin, I’ll start with a little bit about how I ended up reading this book. I read a lot of books on my Kindle and whilst I prefer not Read More