All Of My Google Analytics Data Disappeared!

Yesterday was a reminder of how much I still have to learn about using Google Analytics. I created a new view to see my site traffic excluding my own ip and applied it. With the new view applied, the traffic coming in from sources besides my own ip were… nothing. There were absolutely no visits to Read More

My First Nanodegree: Predictive Analytics for Business

Yesterday I enrolled on my very first Nanodegree program from Udacity, and I am very excited about it! If you’ve been following my posts, you may wonder what happened to the Business Statistics course on Coursera I was working on. Well, I still haven’t finished it (although I am on track). It may seem like I Read More

Crash Course in Data Science: Results

My first revelation while following this very short (but wonderfully useful) course was that when I wrote my post about wanting to try out Machine Learning to automate my workflow, I was barking up the wrong tree. To quote one of the statisticians referenced on the course: Statistics is the science of learning from data. Machine Read More

Crash Course in Data Science

Data Science is everywhere these days, but what does it mean? It has something to do with Big Data and you hear words like ETL, Visualization, Machine Learning and dashboards thrown around, but from the outside it makes little sense. A little research turns up even more complex results; which language to choose for Data Science, Read More

Coursera Specialization Experiment: Results

Mission complete and a success! Make no mistake, the exams are far from easy, I have spent many hours over the last few days downloading Excel workbooks, following the assessment instructions and answering questions. And I didn’t always get them right the first time, or even the second time!

Analyst Guy Challenge: 12 Weeks of Studying in 2 Days

Yesterday I stated my aim for this weekend to complete four courses. With a combined recommended study time of 12 weeks, this is going to be pretty hard! Having already begun the PowerQuery and Critical Thinking courses, I have a small head start, but still a long way to go. Better get cracking!