Data Science Contact Week 1 Day 1

Today was my first proper learning week with the University since enrolling on the apprenticeship. I was terrified yesterday because I hadn’t been preparing enough according to the web portal and I thought I would be way behind everyone else. Nah, today there was chaos and disorganisation almost all round. Some people didn’t even have access Read More

When Inspiration Rings, Answer The Call

Lately I’ve been thinking about communication and knowledge sharing and collaboration and all that good stuff. These things excite and inspire me and when I express that, I feel great. Unfortunately, my introverted nature coupled with my desire to get everything done right now makes it difficult for me to spend time working on the communication Read More

Reflecting On My School Daze

My study space is really taking shape now. Even though it’s basically a corner of the living room and my laptop is set on a dining table. I have a study board with some three-month goals written across it. I have a set of shelves with my study materials on it. And next week I have Read More

Not Working In A Pressure Cooker

Another Monday, another beginning of the week at my new job. Today I started feeling the pressure a bit as I tried to get several reports all done at the same time, including one report that we had only just finished putting together last week and doesn’t yet have a proper process to it. Most of Read More

Why Shouldn’t We Fail?

This morning I was reading an article from one of my favourite authors on Medium, Jessica Wildfire, and she reminded me of something that I am slightly ashamed to admit I had mostly forgotten. Whilst failing and learning from failure adds tremendous value to a person’s life, the lower your income, the higher the stakes are.

Rediscovering My Voice

Yesterday was my first post in over a month and I spoke about a few different things that had been bubbling up inside of me during that break. From the beginning, I wanted this blog to be improving our working and personal lives, and the points I touched on yesterday do link into that, but are Read More

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Exams

As described in an earlier post, I took my PRINCE2 Foundation exam today and passed! I took multiple practice tests and tried out two different courses to prepare myself. I ended up with an achievement of 68%, with a pass being 55% and above. From the practice tests, I was sure I could score in the Read More