Going From Dual Income To Single

This is the second month since we switched from a dual income to a single income household. We wanted to do this so that my wife could focus on studying, as her job with its random shifts was sapping her energy and killing her ability to focus. The important thing here is that we discussed it Read More

Finance For Non-finance Professionals: Day 2

Last night again I didn’t make time for a post because I was again focusing on quizzes and studying. This time, however, I was working on my weak points first and then carefully reviewing the capstone case content before I proceeded with the quiz. And it paid off some! Last night achieved 50% vs the previous Read More

Catching Up To Plans From My Past Self

Last night I didn’t make time to write a post because I was completing a bunch of quizzes for the course, Finance for Non-finance Professionals. It’s an interesting course, interesting enough that in October a past version of myself paid to enroll on the course in the hopes of earning a certificate.