You Are More Capable Than You Think

Today at work we had a consultant in to look at our current reporting process. He’s an old colleague and a friend, so it was very easy for me to talk him through everything and take on board what he was saying as well. While guiding him through our reports, he was asking me technical questions Read More

Level Up Your Excel Game

In the jobs I have worked so far, I have been considered something of an Excel guru. This is not because I had the most Excel knowledge (far from it in some cases), but because I had the mostĀ applicable Excel knowledge that I also shared with others. I’ve worked with other people who really know Excel, Read More

The Automatic Update For The Real World

Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to talk about a game I like, but stay tuned, it is related to better ways of working! Slime Rancher is a game where you collect little slime creatures, take them back to your ranch and then do your best to keep them well fed and happy Read More

The Importance Of Not Holding On: Part 2

In my first post about not holding on, I spoke about how trying to stick to the comfortable ways of doing things and not considering that there could be better alternatives will hold you back. In this post, I am going to talk instead about letting go of control of things you feel responsible for, or Read More

Building A Healthier Mindset For A Better Worklife

Continuous improvement is defined as ‘an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes’. In a nutshell, this is my passion, motivating and guiding me through work and life. It’s difficult to always be improving, but there are some principles that if you keep in mind, will help you on that journey. Take Ownership The more Read More