Linear Algebra for Data Science

So here’s a big scary mathematical idea; Linear Algebra. It’s something my wife has studied towards her physics degree, so I know it’s complicated. There are all these funny words associated with it too. And knowing all that, I was concerned that it’s a part of Data Science. So yesterday I decided to do a little Read More

Crash Course in Data Science: Results

My first revelation while following this very short (but wonderfully useful) course was that when I wrote my post about wanting to try out Machine Learning to automate my workflow, I was barking up the wrong tree. To quote one of the statisticians referenced on the course: Statistics is the science of learning from data. Machine Read More

Not Going Bananas For Another Week

Machine Learn/Scraping My experiment with machine learning yesterday didn’t work out quite as I hoped, I found a lot more questions than I found answers, although I didn’t really find any answers. I think it’s something that you can’t just dip into and find what you’re after, you need to learn about things first to know Read More

Machine Learning as a Service

Today and yesterday, I spent hours and hours doing repetitive work between my browser and Excel. I had a list of terms to search for and had to copy down the results I found back into the spreadsheet, with links. It was so long, I had to just stop sometimes to prevent myself going mad! The Read More