Coursera Specialization Experiment: Results

Mission complete and a success! Make no mistake, the exams are far from easy, I have spent many hours over the last few days downloading Excel workbooks, following the assessment instructions and answering questions. And I didn’t always get them right the first time, or even the second time!

Machine Learning as a Service

Today and yesterday, I spent hours and hours doing repetitive work between my browser and Excel. I had a list of terms to search for and had to copy down the results I found back into the spreadsheet, with links. It was so long, I had to just stop sometimes to prevent myself going mad! The Read More

Mouse Over Information In Excel

One feature in web design and data tools that I find really helpful is the when you hover your mouse cursor over something and after a brief pause a little with additional information comes up. This could be a description of a button, an extended snippet of the text we are viewing or the full link Read More

Random Ideas With Notepad And VBA: Part 2

In my last post about notepad and VBA, I talked about a little macro I put together (and how I did it). At work today I had an opportunity to share it with my colleagues, and to be honest I wasn’t feeling as confident about its usefulness after all. I discussed it with one colleague over Read More

Random Ideas With Notepad And VBA: Part 1

Today while I was basically doing nothing but day dreaming, I hit upon a novel idea for an Excel macro that could be incredibly useful. We have a bunch of ID numbers at work and use them in multiple files. In one file it might have one set of information and in another it has slightly Read More

Let Your Computer Work For You

Now that I’ve built up a few posts on other tools, processes, techniques and strategies for becoming more efficient and productive at work, I think it’s time to move onto my favourite tool: Microsoft Excel. Excel is something that many of us used in school or college at some point, and some of us did better Read More