You Suck At Excel

For a while last year I had the ambition to be the Lazy Excel Guy. I started up a website and made some posts, including videos, created a Facebook page and prepared demo workbooks and macros to share with other people. My own approach to Excel help was time-saving tricks and tools that helped an Excel Read More

Is Evernote The Holy Grail?

When I was searching for a task management solution over a year ago, I read a lot of different advice from various different sources before finally settling on Trello. I’d read about and tried Bullet Journaling, I’d used Toggl a little to track my projects, but at the time, Trello was simple enough and powerful enough Read More

Level Up Your Excel Game

In the jobs I have worked so far, I have been considered something of an Excel guru. This is not because I had the most Excel knowledge (far from it in some cases), but because I had the most applicable Excel knowledge that I also shared with others. I’ve worked with other people who really know Excel, Read More

Next Level Productivity Tools In Analysis!

Early on in this blog I was talking about tools that would help accelerate productivity. Some I continue to feel a lot of benefit from using, such as XYplorer, while some I just couldn’t fit into my own workflow easily and stopped using, such as PhraseExpress. Since then I have also gone on to review and use Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): Third Week Rundown

  Another week has gone and I’m still using most of the tools I started off with, excluding QTTabBar which I replaced with a full windows explorer replacement, XYplorer. XYplorer XYplorer has been very useful in my day to day work, and I am getting accustomed to the different interface for accessing and navigating the folders Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): Second Week Rundown

  A little under two weeks ago, I started using some new tools to try and make my work flow smoother and hence more productive. I had felt like the standard tools we use in Windows were limiting my productivity potential, and I reviewed how things were going after using them for a week. Now that Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): First Week Rundown

It has been a week since my first post on here, so I thought I would do a summary of how things have progressed, in order of how much I liked/used the tools. Desktops V2.0 This has been the most used tool this week by far. I have no idea how many times I’ve used the Read More

Better Ways Of Managing Folders (for Windows)

After trying out and getting a lot of use out of QTTabBar in Windows Explorer, I find myself wanting other features to make my work life easier, features that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to implement. After a little bit of online research, it’s clear there are a lot of options for extending the Read More

Save Your Sanity With These Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows)

Lately I’ve had a lot more work on my plate than I could handle, and it will probably stay this way for a little while longer. To try and overcome this overload, I’ve been looking into tools that can help me be more efficient in my every day work. The funny thing is, I haven’t had Read More