File Explorer Face Off And Keyboard Short-cuts

As I mentioned in my last post, I would like to try out some other file explorer alternatives besides XYplorer. Remembering this, I decided to give Directory Opus a chance, as that was my second favourite option from reading articles about it. I was also impressed by the history of the application, having started way back Read More

Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows): First Week Rundown

It has been a week since my first post on here, so I thought I would do a summary of how things have progressed, in order of how much I liked/used the tools. Desktops V2.0 This has been the most used tool this week by far. I have no idea how many times I’ve used the Read More

Making Friends With Deadlines

The feeling that there is never enough time to do anything is a common one these days, and I am no different. There are only so many hours in the day and with 7.5 of them belonging to my employer every week day, I have to be very careful with how I use that time. There Read More

The Importance Of Not Holding On: Part 1

This is a story about an Excel add-in that makes tracing back formulas and building finance-focused spreadsheets much easier than the standard Excel options. I had been working in commercial finance for a few months and was getting the hang of my job. The technical aspects were mostly fine, although sometimes when opening up another person’s Read More

Managing Tasks And Projects With Trello

6 months ago I started using Trello because I suddenly had a lot more work than I could comfortably handle without some structured planning and tracking of my tasks. I started off simply with a few lists to show different stages of progress for my tasks, such as to do, doing and done, as well as Read More

Better Ways Of Managing Folders (for Windows)

After trying out and getting a lot of use out of QTTabBar in Windows Explorer, I find myself wanting other features to make my work life easier, features that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to implement. After a little bit of online research, it’s clear there are a lot of options for extending the Read More

Give Your Computer An Identity Crisis With Virtual Desktops

Our computers are emailing, spreadsheeting, web browsing, calendar managing machines. Nobody would argue about how useful it is to have all these features available in one device, but sometimes I feel like their multi-tasking personality is driving us nuts. In my last post, I mentioned virtual desktops in Windows and as I got a lot of use Read More

Save Your Sanity With These Productivity Boosting Tools (for Windows)

Lately I’ve had a lot more work on my plate than I could handle, and it will probably stay this way for a little while longer. To try and overcome this overload, I’ve been looking into tools that can help me be more efficient in my every day work. The funny thing is, I haven’t had Read More

The Journey Begins: Starting Over

I’ve tried blogging before, but it seems like it’s a difficult habit to stick to. One of the reasons may be that I haven’t written much since my school days. Another is that I sometimes lack confidence in the way I put across my thoughts. This time isn’t really much different, but I’m not trying to Read More